Welcome to our DIY Cake Range

Feeling creative but don’t have the time to bake or search for a good buttercream recipe?

The Compassionate Kitchen’s DIY cake box is perfect for you. Our starter pack contains 2x 7 inch layers of our delicious cake, our signature buttercream and a pack of colourful sprinkles to get you started. Your starter pack also includes 1 biodegradable piping bag and a 9 inch silver cake board.

If you want to glam it up, add our ganache for a drip effect. Of course, there is also a selection of our favourite decorations which include TCK’s rainbow chocs, mini choc blocks and GF cookie crumbs.

Our DIY pack is also Gluten Free!

DIY Cakes


Celebration cakes and large cheesecakes available every day! Our Factory is located at 18/74 Thomsons Rd, Keilor Park.

The Compassionate Kitchen was born from the desire to create cruelty free versions of all the conventional, traditional, home baked favourites that we did not want our children to miss out on growing up as caring compassionate people. It started with frustration. We noticed that every time we went to a coffee shop there was not one cafe in our neighbourhood that had any vegan treats on their menu. Catching up with friends or family at a coffee shop would usually be a little disappointing. Not being able to enjoy the occasional muffin, slice or cookie with a coffee because we choose not to consume animal products. We would have to travel to the other side of Melbourne just to get a slice of vegan cake. Our hand was forced the day Stephen was made redundant from his full time job only months away from the birth of our second child. Through the NEIS Program (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) we were able to successfully start our business and follow our dreams.

So we started working on our own recipes with the idea of supplying baked goods to a few local coffee shops. All made from plant-based ingredients. If we could get just one cafe to sell our products then we would have somewhere to enjoy a coffee and cake with friends. Being the perfectionists that we are we got drawn into a world of creating new and innovative recipes. Before we knew it we had a "range" of products that when market tested were not only comparable to mainstream products but were actually considered better in taste and appearance. This was our “a-ha” moment. Now the bigger picture was in sight. If we could get vegan products tasting better than conventional products, then surely the choice to eat cruelty free could be made much easier than most people would have thought.